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Micah, according to Elliot, was… interesting. And innocent. Those were two words that he would use to describe the other boy if asked, which he obviously would never be, but they were simply the words that popped up in his mind when the thought of Micah crossed his mind. Which it was, since he was currently exiting his car and making his way towards said male’s door, knuckles rasping against it as he waited for him to answer. He never thought he’d be arriving there to play a card game, of all things for the two to be doing on a Saturday. Or, at least himself. He could be at a party… but, no. He was going to be playing Uno. With a sophomore. At least it was better than staying home. That was even more pathetic to say.

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    Everything Elliot had said that evening was frozen up and stored in the very back of his mind when Nick walked through...
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    "Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t," he murmured, setting the cards down on the floor beside him since it was obvious that they...